Text/voice/email Data plan

By enrolling in our monthly subscription service "Perfect Follow Up", you are also agreeing to be charged for usage of the Twilio and Mailgun accounts setup for you addition to the monthly fee for the CRM software. You will be re-charged in advance in data banks between $10-$50 on average.

Here are the fees that will be charged to your payment method:


Outbound = $0.042 /min

Inbound = $0.0255 /min


Per text segment = $0.0237 /text


Per email: $0.006 /email

Premium Triggers/Actions/Webhooks:

Per premium action: $0.09

Email Verification:

Per Email: $0.01

Content AI:

Per 1,000 words: $3.75

TCPA/A2P/SMS Campaign Registration:

Due to new laws and regulations, phone carriers can charge between $2-$20 per campaign registration. We don't profit from this, the fees pass right to the carrier.

We help you register and keep you compliant through our Trust Center. This isn't an option anymore, due to SPAM regulations, all businesses must register or you can face penalties and fees in the thousands of dollars.

*Note: These are estimates and can trend up or down, from time to time

Optional 3rd Party API Integration Information:

Perfect Follow Up can leverage a webhook/API connection to send contact information between both systems. This includes Name/Email/Phone/Address at minimum (if system contains that data)

It is your responsibility to ensure that your 3rd Party account has Read/Write access to the API. We allow up to 2,000 "tasks" per month under the $297/month plan.

A contact synchronization in (1) direction typically takes up (2) tasks. If you need more tasks per month, we can send you a quote for a higher yield plan.


Most applications do NOT have error checking built into their webhooks. Perfect Follow Up has a filter built into our automation which will make a best effort to prevent sending an API POST of /customer/create if a exclusion contact tag exists for the contact in Perfect Follow Up. Meaning... If you import/create contacts into Perfect Follow Up that already exist in your application, you MUST apply the tag BEFORE importing into Perfect Follow Up. If you fail to do this, you will get DUPLICATE contact records in your application. We are not liable for any issues in your failure to follow these recommendations.